12.21 “Where to Start”

I have decided to switch distributors for my music. I have been using Tunecore for a long time nearly 10 years. They're great and I have the utmost respect for what they do and will continue to do in their space.

I found distrokid. I am baffled by it. This is not a sponsored write up or anything this is just me giving you information about what is going on with the music I have released.

I have taken down all of my music from all stores.

I have chosen a song to start with called "Where to Start."

I will from 12.21.2018 release a song every 3 weeks until I can't do it anymore. This will be in the realm of hip-hop, EDM, instrumentals, or rap songs.

So the start of the journey begins 12.21.2018 and I hope you come along for the ride. Again, thank you to all that continue to support my work and continue to spread a good vibe around the world. Without you, we wouldn't see past the bad. Thank you.


Where To Start Album Cover

12.21.2018 "Where to Start"  https://goo.gl/Gd9uDL

3 thoughts on “12.21 “Where to Start””

  1. If you can please help spread this. This will help get my music heard by many more people and this will help us grow as a community.

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