Welcome to the home of TheRealDJABK and thee; CD Playa's

What is a CD Playa?
It what I call you. Our Community. The community we started together here and on Twitch.tv/TheRealDJABK

we are CD Playa's because here we're creating and sharing music with the world and we enjoy playing video games; so we are sharing CD's/MP3's with everyone but we're also playa's in the terms of playing video games at a top level trying to compete within esports.

What do I need to do? 
If you like what you're hearing and you want to support it; please do so by listening to or liking my work. Together we can make everything possible and have our own little world within a reality of mundane that is full of joy and happiness without the filters. Complete harmony because music has not hurt us but set us free.

Point of my show?
To spread awareness of PTSD and Depression while trying to get into a routine with my dream to share my story to maybe help someone or make change for more in the future. Music is just my therapy while I was dealing with all of my own madness.

What do you get?
Every month; I release new instrumental tracks/beats and/or work with other artists.

Who is Djabk
A disabled Marine who is chasing a dream.

Thanks again for being here and please follow Twitch.tv/TheRealDjabk  

The instrumental for the song known as "True Warrior" by TheRealDJABK featuring WaKil.
"Geek Flow" released August 24th, 2018 on all outlets. Go check it out now! Enjoy.
Artwork for single "Pose"
Peace of my Soul Album Cover
Music is my Religion album cover