Don’t feed the bad wolf.

Its weird to sit back and think to yourself. Someday’s you’re full of positive energy; and some days you’re full of negative energy. There is an old Indian saying, “You pick and choose the wolf inside of you, you feed. Don’t feed the wrong one.” I completely agree. We as humans need to learn on those negative filled time’s to try and bliss ourselves with positive filled thoughts and emotions. Its what you’re you attract; thus, if you’re continually filling your mind with nonsense and being negative; then look around, I bet that same type of attitude of life is around you; even though its hard to swallow sometimes. If we all could just accept people for who they’re instead of ridiculing the differences that make us all unique in our own way. Its a tough cookie to eat when you don’t realize that you’re expecting people to live life under you expectation of life; instead of just living yours while accepting theirs.

People make mistakes. People are always going to make mistakes. There isn’t always one answer to life; one road to take. It’s a trial with error kind of life which sooner or later you find a winning circumstance. It’s hard to understand but even Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”   That's really the stunt that life has; making mistakes teaches you the most. Most are still trying to figure out who they’re and what they’re going to do in life. Its not that you’re lost; you’re just not answering the right questions to find the answers you’re looking for. Sometimes the answer you come up with are not what you’re looking for so you second guess it. To first overcome anything in life Buddha talked about accepting and loving yourself for anyone else to appreciate what you’re going to offer.  That's truth.

If you understand how energy works and how we as humans can tap into a thing called consciousness; then you’ll understand, you’ve to admit the flow of energy to attract energy. People  who aren’t admitting energy means they’re still discovering their love for oneself. Which means they’re taking energy from one to live theirs. This is how some people live their life which is limiting them to becoming full. I once was this type of human. I didn’t accept who I was as a person while always thinking people who were around were judging me. When they were probably thinking about what they ate for supper and had no recollection of me even being there. That in sense made me a follower of a type of energy that I saw was correct for my life at that time.

Once you start admitting your own energy for people to accept; then your life becomes more fulfilled. Once you’re around more people who’re on their own path in life; “chopping down the trees that block their happiness and blocking them from their dreams;” figuratively speaking. You’ll see what I mean. They’re out doing them while attracting similar energies; not saying every person whom you meet in this scenario will be amazing but they’ll have like minded goals and aspirations.  These are the type of people you want to surround yourself by. The doer, the dreamers, the writers, the artists, the inspires of today. They’ll keep you going on your path instead of dragging you down to a path that hold you back.

This is a very basic way of looking at energy and how its affliction to people is highly misunderstood and not talked about. Who you’re you attract; remember this. Anyone in life can change to become something great if they’re looking to start their own path while surrounding themselves with the correct energies. Its not that complicated but most are so stuck in other realms of societies delusions they lost the basics of humans civilization and interaction. Ever heard; "Its who you know?" Where do you think that came from?

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