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Sorry for the lack of updates here on my website. I will be better at updating this section as I see more and more people are stopping by. I have a lot of good updates.

Here is one my song "Pose" hit Reverbnation's most played EDM playlist for 2018. You can find that here: http://bit.ly/2AK8Q0o

"ReverbNation is an American online platform that provides tools and opportunities for musicians to manage their careers." according to Wikipedia.

I am in the process now of slowly changing my twitch sub names to cd playa's because I create music for you'll to engage your cd-players. It's kind of the old school me.
New emotes for subs are incoming. Sub badges will be completed as soon as I can. Just know that I understand people want their emotes, etc. I have just been really busy working/investing into my music and trying to get involved with more artists that it's taking away from my twitch stream. I am sorry for that but without diverting some of that income to my music; I wouldn't be able to say.

True Warrior featuring WaKil is being released September 7th, 2018; please spread the word. You can find the tribute video for esports here: True Warrior on Youtube

I have been playing @RealmRoyale the new battle royale a lot. If you've not tried this game; I would look into it as it's on PC now and about to be released to beta on PS4 & Xbox. Realm Royale already has a few tournaments going; which, let's hope it helps the scene.

If you've not looked into Call of Duty - Black Ops 4 and you're into esports; you're behind. If all the hype is lived up to be for the new COD. Then we're in for a treat. Recoil patterns that are going to be learnable so we can train and master them. A true boots to the ground game minus a slide which seems cool. They're also getting into the battle royale scene. Good for the scene; lets, hope for good things because I'm interested.

Hope all is well and blessed. Again thank you for reading my blogs and supports my music/twitch/youtube. Without you'll, I am nothing. Thank you very much. <3

DJ out.

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