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First, Merry Christmas to all. I hope all of you in your respected lands and heritage are celebrating love and unity with your own family. Cherish those moments because they'll last forever inside your heart. 

Now, I have some exciting "ABK experience" news. 

On December 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM the last minute of the year, "The Future EP" will drop. If you so happen to be one of the fans that listen from start to finish and you want to experience, "The Future EP" in its entirety.  

Follow these steps. 

1. Plug phone/device into speakers with sub (you'll want bass)
2. Listen to "Lights Off"
3. Listen to "The Future"
4. Listen to "Change Up"

Welcome to my world.  This world of sounds; that I blend together, in such a way that makes you dance. I just enjoy this so much. I would highly appreciate it if you liked what you hear or read on this page to help spread my work to those around you. 


I hope you're all blessed and have a happy new year. Even though, I preach each and every day can be the start to the new future of one self; I wanted to do things different this year and shed all the negativity with the year for better prospering; while, releasing an EP to remember 2018 and the start of 2019. I want to remember the future is always something you can work on in the present so your past don't seem like your wasting time in the present. Some deep simple thought within my little universe; which, hopefully intrigues you to listen and spread the experience. We together in this community can grow into something massive and help spread love and unity through-out. 

On to 2019 with a bang, right? Just remember, start spinning those golden cd players; together, we can make history. 



Don't forget to check out my newest instrumental; "Where to start" the beginning of the ABK experience. Which is below for your convenience.

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