Today, Start of abK’s music experience.

12.21.2018  -  "Where to Start"

Today is the day we have been waiting for. Our little community start. If you're hear and you follow along with the journey then thank you so much for the support. Today is for you because I know whats its like not to have the music you like readily available.  Its time, get your cd-players out (probably not) and get ready to spin some golden CDs. The journey starts tonight at 7PM EST. 

"Where to Start" a song that will start the journey of releasing a track every 3 weeks for you. I am excited to be able to do this and give you a new musical experience. I will call this experience the ABK experience. Which will be released everywhere like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc. 

The genre of music would be classified by "Hiphop" but it has elements of trap, pop, edm, lofi, and meant for video games even though you'll be able to spit bars. I just have a different take on hiphop or what I feel when I create/produce these instrumentals for people to write lyrics.  I see a lot of imagine in my imagination of places and events and things when I work on these instrumentals and I just want to share that sound experience with you'll.

Want to know more about TheRealDJABK? Click on the about me to the left hand side of the screen or if you're on the phone the drop down menu or click -----> HERE

"Where to Start" by @TheRealDJABK #wheretostart #abkexperience please like, share, and follow my work.


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