“The Future EP” releases tonight 12.31.2018 at 11:59PM

"The Future EP" release tonight, 12.31.2018 at 11:59pM; which, is the next step or release for the new ABK experience brought to you by us the golden cd players. If you haven't spun these new cd's yet on your favorite platform for listening to music than you're not helping the cause of getting our music out to the world.

Tonight, share and like "The Future EP" to let your friends and family know about something new and well different in music for 2018.

Tonight, I add to the ABK experience.

As I release instrumentals; if you're listening and you're a rapper or vocalist and you like one of my tracks please get into contact with me. We can work together to get a release out to the world and collectively take over the internet by being different and helping each other up these stairs.

The Future EP consists of 3 instumentals named:

Lights Off: This song is created to be played at 11:59PM (You can pretend)

The Future: This song is created to uplift and bring you to a new date.

Change Up: Another uplifting song that is full of energy with a twist.

This will bring 3 new songs called  "The Future EP" that our community can spread to gain more cd players.

Soon to be changes.

My sub badges, etc will be updated as we grow as a community. I will make golden cd players for tier 3 subs, silver for tier 2, and bronze tier 1 subs.

I have edited a call of duty blackout skill shot video of myself; abk#1336 playing. I took some of my new music with "The Future" and made a epic video. I hope you'll enjoy. 

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