True Warrior (feat. WaKil) 1-11-2019 at 7pm est #TheABKexperience

Today ->  -> True Warrior is releasing to #Spotify, #AppleMusic, and many more.

Make sure you save and listen to it on repeat; so you can help our community of CD Players grow together. One song at a time every 3 weeks forever.

True Warrior is a song about never giving up no matter what obstacles are in front of you blocking your destination/goals. Its the fact or the truth of one believing in oneself to accomplish one of the greatest feeling in this world; at least to me. Are you ready to be a esports champion?

Born and raised in esports from 12 years of age. Participated in cyberathelte armature league and cyberathelte professional league.  Been in the past invited to a national invitational lan in Denver, CO in 2006 for the game Counter-Strike:Source.

As an old school esports player that is not as common as you might think. More rare than one would ever thought because esports is so new to the american culture; while, being one of the biggest right in plain sight hidden secrets in USA as of now still in 2019.  So this song is taking all that emotion and trying to deliver from me to you.

Hope all of your holidays have been blessed. Have a happy new year and don't forget; a teaser skill shot video will be released below. 

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