#TrueWarrior by TheRealDJABK featuring WaKil

#TrueWarrior by TheRealDJABK featuring WaKil


"I created #truewarrior to remember all my trails in tribulations through-out my life. I am trying to come above all of those problems and I am chasing my dream while I live the remainder of my life."  - @TheRealDJABK 

Video games have always been a part of my life. You can ask anyone who has ever met me. E-Sports has been a part of my daily life since I was 16 years old. I used to compete in the amateur leagues and professional leagues for Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty. I was at a point in time invited to the National Invitational Tournament - Everlan 2006 for Counter-Strike: Source.

Being injured sucks but being apart of something like esports allows me to forget about my injuries and continue to be competitive in something that isn't as physical to hurt myself more.

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